what to expect – newborns

Newborn sessions are best done within the first 14 days of life.  Newborn sessions are booked based on your due date.  It is very important to book your session as soon as possible during your pregnancy so I can make sure to allow for it in my schedule.  I’ll be in touch as your due date gets closer and we will choose a few tentative dates for the session.  Please have someone contact me once the baby has arrived.  We will schedule a firm date from there.

Newborn sessions can last over 2 hours so please schedule accordingly.  Not all parents choose to be in the portraits at this time and that is your choice although I do encourage it!  If you would like be included I like to keep them very simple and classic typically opting for a simple black background.  For best results I recommend that the parents wear a black (or dark colored) shirt with sleeves (long or short).  We’ll swaddle baby in a white receiving blanket or put on a neutral colored diaper cover.  Many times these end up being preferred in black and white.  The focus will be on baby and interactions with the parents.  See samples from recent newborn sessions HERE.

I understand how sleep deprived you and your family are during these first few weeks but in order to capture the true essence of newborns they are best photographed within this 14 day timeframe when they sleep soundly and prefer to be curled up as if they were still in the womb.  While photographing, you and your family can use this opportunity to rest.  Please be prepared to be flexible with feedings as they are usually needed in order to get your baby to fall into a deep sleep.  I always bring a space heater as newborns are photographed without clothing during your session.  Please turn off central air in the location the shoot will take place.  If it is the winter, please have the heat turned up higher than normal prior to the session.  Please also ensure you have extra wiping cloths available for any accidents, which are expected.  Try to schedule the baby’s feeding for the time the session is going to begin.  Keep the baby wrapped in a blanket with only a diaper on prior to the session.

The most important thing I can stress is the feedings.  If you are nursing and are pumping, please have a small bottle ready.  Even if your baby has just finished eating once s/he is being settled in to photograph, almost all of the babies want to eat just a little more after being moved to fall deeply asleep.  If you have your heart set on sleeping baby portraits, this is one of the most important things.

What if your house is dark?  I get that a lot.  I really only need a small space around 1 window to set up – a little more if we are going to include family.  So far I have found it somewhat rare to arrive at a client’s home and not be able to complete the session.  Let me know your concerns and I can possibly schedule a quick visit prior to your session.

Once you fill out the session agreement and pay the session fee your date is secured. As the session gets closer, a pre-session consultation will be set up. This can be done via chat, skype or phone. The goal of the consult is to answer all of your questions, discuss what products you are most interested in and discuss what to wear.

Your proofs will be ready within 2 weeks of your session.  We will schedule a no-pressure viewing and ordering session of your images in your home at a convenient time for everyone.  It usually doesn’t take more than an hour.  We’ll hook up my laptop to your big screen TV starting off with a slideshow of everything set to music.  Then we can go through each one and narrow down your favorites talk about what you would like to do with them.  Special collection pricing – offering a significant savings over a la carte – will only be available during the ordering session.  I’ll have samples of most everything available that you can see and touch as well as different sized template that you can hold up to your wall for perspective.  It makes ordering so much easier than sifting through them on the computer.  After our meeting I’ll also put them in an online gallery for up to 2 weeks to share with family and friends.